MV Expo GMK CYL Pre-Order Live, ships Q3 '24

MV T3RMINAL GMK CYL R3 Pre-Order Live, ships Q3 '24

MV Synth In Stock

Event Horizon Raffle Closed

Banana Mat R3 Drop Q1 '24

MV Eraser In-stock Drop Q2 '24

MV Hi Viz Prototyping

MV Turbo Work In Progress

MV Classic (Cherry & PBS) Work In Progress

MV Ink Work In Progress

MV Radical Work In Progress

MV For The Roses Exploration

MV Elements Exploration

MV Freedom Exploration

Project Archive

ePBT Camo Shipping

GMK Diner Shipping

KAM Command Shipping

Clear Scanner Completed

I'm Tim, a software designer living in Belgium. You might also know me as @maxvoltar (it's complicated). MVKB is a moniker for all the keyboard-related stuff I do. If you want to stay up to date with MVKB projects, you can follow the Instagram account, join the Discord server, or sign up for the (~monthly) newsletter.