Blend In.

This set isn’t about the keyboard grabbing all the attention on your desk, it’s a set you’d see in a remote cabin in the snowy mountains, the type a famous writer would flee to to finish the successor to their breakthrough debut, far away from all distractions. They should really call their spouse, it’s been a while since they’ve been in contact.

For my first set I went with ePBT (EnjoyPBT) because it's my favorite profile (Cherry), material (PBT) and sound (deep). There are 2 themes (Camo and Radio Silence) and 8 kits, covering most layouts.

Collaborations include 2 brass novelty caps by Salvun, a custom D60lite by KBDfans, custom cables by Kat Koil, and a split wrist rest by Digital Carpentry.




Brass Artisans By Salvun

Honored to be working with (fellow Belgian) Salvun on a pair of brass artisans; one matching the Camo theme (left), the other one (right) a perfect match for Radio Silence.

Both will be available from all vendors during the group buy.

Photo Credit: alexotos

D60lite By KBDfans

KBDfans is making a custom colorway of their affordable 60% board available for this set. It matches both Camo and Radio Silence themes, and has the set logo on it.

The D60lite comes with a plate and PCB. You still need caps, stabilizers and switches to complete the build. Board will be available through most vendors during the group buy.

Split Wrist Rest By Digital Carpentry

Frustrated by wrist rests that almost never perfectly match the width of a keyboard, I reached out to Digital Carpentry. Together we prototyped a wrist rest that fits all keyboards with a straight bottom edge (sorry Alice users).

Both parts measure 126 by 72mm, and go from 21 to 14mm in height at a 6 degree angle. They're walnut with a Carbon Grey stain applied to match the Camo themes.

Buy From Digital Carpentry

Custom Cables By Kat Koil

Kat Koil (FR) put together these beautiful cables matching the 2 Camo themes.

Cables will be available on their website during the group buy.

Buy From Kat Koil


Camo Base

Camo Auxiliary

Camo Digital

Camo Novelties

Radio Silence Base

Radio Silence Auxiliary

Radio Silence Digital